Kaleidoscope Theatre is Drumheller’s community theatre, and is operated by the Kaleidoscope Theatre Society. Everyone from front of house to backstage and behind-the-scenes are volunteers. We all share one thing in common: a love for great theatre!

Our History
Kaleidoscope Theatre was founded in 1981, when Monte Solberg, Barb Van Der Ryse, Chris Pentelchuk, Mel Cragg, and Greg Clark got together at Kay Bigelow’s apartment with the desire to form a new amateur theatre company for Drumheller. After much deliberation Monte Solberg suggested the name ‘Kaleidoscope’, and so Kaleidoscope Theatre was born. Several venues have been used over the years, including the auditorium at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, various halls, and the gymnasium and drama room at the high school. In 2000, a new 200-seat venue opened, which Kaleidoscope now calls home and presents plays and musicals yearly.

As an amateur theatre company, Kaleidoscope has always depended heavily on the dedication of its volunteers; without their support, the numerous productions over the years would have been impossible to manage.

The word ‘Kaleidoscope’ means ‘ever changing’, more than appropriate when looking at the variety of pieces the Theatre has attacked over the years.

If you are interested in becoming involved with Kaleidoscope, please Contact Us to see different opportunities to work with us.

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